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Thank you for visiting the GK Restorations website! 

As some visitors to this site may know, the original founder of GK Restorations, Gary Kempton, passed away on June 6, 2009. For the following 8 years after his passing. GK Restorations continued to be in business with the help of many of Gary's former employees. One of those employees, Mike Mankin had not only worked closely with Gary for many years, but also went on to form his own company: Remade By Hand, Inc.  Since December, 2017,  Mike and his company, Remade By Hand, Inc. have continued in the tradition of restoring vintage Porsches and they have been officially licensed to continue using the GK Restorations brand and trademarks.

You can view historical restoration work previously performed by GK Restorations prior to 2012 on this website and we highly suggest that visitors to this site find Mike and his company on Facebook: to discuss new business! 

GK Restorations has over 30 years of experience restoring antique collectible vintage Porsches. We specialize in Porsche 356's made between 1949(Gmund's) and 1950 - 1965. We also work with early 911, 912, 914, 550, and 904 models. Our expert mechanics are knowledgeable about 4-cam (Carrera) engines, fuel-injection modifications, and later model Porsches. We can assist customers with many different restoration needs. From restoring a historically significant race car to preparing your daily driver for you to take home and finish restoring as a DIY project, we can serve you.

Remade By Hand, Inc. is located in Crawfordville, FL, just south of Tallahassee. Please contact us for inquiries at:



Jeff Zwart's 1971 Porsche 911 STR East African Rally Car, restored by GK Restorations, received an Amelia Award at the Amelia Island Concours event in March. Read about this car and its restoration here.

This 1957 Carrera Speedster was delivered in time for Christmas! GK Restorations originally restored this car 15 years ago, and it recently returned to the shop for a soft top fitting.